Episode #4 - The Plan

We’ve already talked about how God is our loving Heavenly Father. And how every man, woman, and child ever born to earth are His spirit children. We lived with Him and learned and grew. But there’s only so much you can learn and experience while “living at home.” So God presented a plan to all of us: the Plat of Salvation (aka the Plan of Redemption, aka the Plan of Happiness, etc). This plan included several key components:

Mortal life

We would all be born in a physical body with a father and a mother. We would forget what it’s like to live with Heavenly Father and learn to make decisions and act for ourselves. Mortality brings with it physical death and spiritual death. Spiritual death means separation from God. Either of these prevents us from returning to the presence of God and growing further.


Jesus Christ would be sent to be our Savior and save us from both of these types of death. Jesus Christ would be resurrected from the dead, and in a coming day, He will resurrect all of us, too. Everyone born to earth will be raised from the dead and live again, with our spirits and our bodies permanently united, never to die again. Christ would also pay the price for our sins. If we choose to accept His sacrifice on our behalf, we could be considered clean before God and return to live with Him again.


As resurrected beings, we will all one day stand before God to individually answer for how we have lived our lives. God will judge us against what we could have done with our opportunities in life, and not against one another.

Applying the lessons

Knowledge of God’s Plan for us helps us remember that mortal life is the second act of a 3-act play. That’s when the rubber hits the road and the characters show their true colors. Things go wrong, and it often seems like there is no hope for a good resolution. But we look forward to the third act when all the loose ends are tied up and the good guys win.

Knowing that all will be resurrected in the end helps us see death in its proper light– as a stepping stone, and a brief separation. This comforts us when we lose friends and loved ones.

Finally, when times get rough, we can remind ourselves that we accepted this plan to come here to earth and experience all this. We wouldn’t have signed up if it weren’t worth it in the end, so we can try our best to make the most of it now.


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