Episode #5 - War in Heaven

When God presented His Plan of Salvation to His children, we all shouted for joy. Well, OK, not all of us.

Coming to earth and experiencing the “school” of mortal life is a risky business. We forget God. We make bad choices. We sin. So God promised to send a Savior to suffer with us and suffer us. To conquer death so we could return to God and be cleansed from our sins. But we would have to choose to apply that saving gift in our lives. Not everyone would want to.

Jesus Christ offered Himself to come to earth, follow the Father’s will perfectly, live a sinless life, and save us from death and hell. But there was another volunteer… sort of. Lucifer also offered to come to earth as the savior, but with a very big catch: he would rob God of His glory and rob us of our free will. In short, strap us on the train to heaven against our wills and never let us sin (so nothing to cleanse us from).

Christ submitted His will to God’s, saying “the glory be thine.” When Lucifer’s plan was rejected, He rebelled against God and convinced some of God’s children– our brothers and sisters– to give up their opportunities for mortal life and spend eternity fighting against God. Every man, woman, and child who did not follow Lucifer would receive a body on earth. We were all there, fighting against him, and we all stood by Christ, who cast Lucifer out of heaven.

Lucifer– now called Satan– continues that rebellion today. His goal is to tempt us to give up our free will to him and not take advantage of the great gifts God has given us. He tempts us to give up our free will through addictions and other sins. But he has no body and no power to make us do anything. He can whisper and tempt and yell and whine and hope we give in, but we are always ultimately in control of our own thoughts, words, and actions.


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